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Whale Watching Adventures

Gold Coast Whale Adventures is a boutique whale watching company that specialises in educational and private charter whale watching tours.  Our sister company, Gold Coast Dive Adventures, specialises in offshore scuba and freediving trips, as well as offering all PADI Dive Courses from Introductory to Dive Master.  All our adventures are built upon our foundational love of our oceans and its marine life.  Our purpose is to share this with you.

We are the top rated and most experienced offshore dive company on the coast, living on the ocean six days a week.  We know these waters intimately and never tire of the ever changing kaleidoscope of images and experiences that amaze even the most experienced ocean wanderers.

We specialize in boutique tours.  In everything we do, we strive to provide the best experience and our commitment to small-group tours enables us to ensure each and every person has a wonderful experience. When you join us for an intimate adventure you are considered our personal guest. Crowds will not overwhelm you. You will be on a small Custom built 9-meter vessel that will provide you 360-degree views and continuous access to our highly knowledgeable and experienced skippers.

What we love, we will protect. This is our purpose.

The beautiful humpback whales that pass by our shores are protected and as such, we respectfully do not drive our boats within 100 meters of these marine giants.  But due to our custom built small vessels and the natural curiosity of the humpback whale, you will find yourself having unique close encounters with these marine mammals, who love approaching our small, lower-waterline boats.

Join us, and not only come face to face with the extraordinary humpback whales that pass by our shore, but learn about them. Here at Gold Coast Whale Adventures and Gold Coast Dive Adventures we are all about giving you the experiences and the knowledge to love our marine world and the creatures, which reside within it, as much as we do.

What we love, we will protect. This is our purpose. To make you love the ocean as much as we do and in turn, help us protect this amazing ecosystem.

Small Group, Boutique

Whale Watching Adventures.

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